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More on Curricula Vitae

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

Greetings again from Magdalena de Hazebrouck.

Instructions on Emerald Joust, Curicula Vitae competition:

Final plans will be available at troll with submission forms.  The current
plans (subject to change based on number of participants and the whim of
the autocrat/feastocrat/crown/officer in charge) are as follows:

The competition will be held in the feast hall and displays will be
confined to one half of a table.  The floor can be used for items logically
placed on the floor, such as furniture pieces or armor stands, however,
consideration should be given to keeping the walkway free for the viewers. 
The tables will be divided diagonally with painter's tape and the tables
are four foot squares.  Each half table will have a folded card with a
table number and either a or b; this number/letter combination should but
written on your form under table/location so that the judges will not be
confused if your form is seperated from your table.  Also you should write
your SCA name on the folded card and fill out the upper portion of the
judging/submission form.

"Curricula vitae" is the rough equivalent of a resume.  The idea is that
your display should give the highlights of your A&S career in the SCA, so
samples of your work should be shown with a short description and/or
documentation.  Note that the judging form is heavily weighted toward
breadth of exposure within a category AND the overall number of categories.
 This competition is intended to honor the generalists out there who are
often unrewarded at other competitions, so plan your selection of display
items accordingly.  If we have enough competitors, we may split the
competition between the Laurels and non-Laurels and allow the judges to
select the overall winner between the two groups.  There will be a first
and second prize to cover that possibility and to allow the judges some
flexibility in rewarding the participants.  Tokens will be given to all
participants while supplies last.  The winners will be announced in court. 
It is my understanding that the overall winner will join the crowns and
coronets at the high table with the chivalry winners.  

Index cards will be available, but I recommend preparing your notes and
documentation in advance.  No music or bardic presentations will be
considered because of the limited time that we will  have use of the hall
and because a bardic competition will be held elsewhere during the event,
but musical/lyrical compositions, descriptions, documentation and/or tokens
from bardic presentations (props/masks/awards/ use your imagination) will
be considered toward the category and quality sections of the judging form.

The hall will be available for your setups from 10 - noon.  Viewing will be
from noon to 3.  Judging will be completed by 3.  All displays must be
removed by 4.  If you do not come and take away your display before 4 pm, I
will place small items in paper boxes and bags and carry them and the large
items to the porch!!  No kidding.  This is to accomodate the preparation of
the hall for feast and the special upper tier and high table preparations. 
If you plan to be on the field or otherwise busy, enlist someone's aid in
removing your display, as I will not be responsible for your stuff after 4

Please feel free to contact me with questions/suggestions/offers of
assistance via my email address, postings to the Merry Rose, or call me at
804-323-6379.  I will be at the site begining on Friday afternoon, so
contact me prior to Friday.  
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