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Curricula Vitae Judging Form

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

Greetings to the Citizens of Atlantia from Lady Magdalena de Hazebrouck!

I have included below a copy of the judging form for the curricula vitae
competition at Emerald.  My purpose is to prepare the minds of the judges
and also to assist any competitors in preparing their displays.  Please
forward this to any interested parties who might not have access to the
atlantia list.  Local MoAS officers who would like to copy this to
competitors in there groups are encouraged to do so.  Sorry for the late
notice, but I hope this will be of some benefit.  I also welcome feedback
and will consider it thoroughly, although I do not promise that I will act
upon it. 

I am including this in text format, so some niceties of formating may be
lost.  Look for another post of this date describing table layout and
organization of the displays. 

Curricula Vitae
Emerald Joust, A.S. XXXI
Judging/ Submission Form

Submited By:
Are you Competing or Soliciting Non-Competitive Comments: 

Description of Submission (note attachments or additional pages if any): 

Documentation (Note References or attached documents if any) : 


Judges, rank each Topic Below  from 1-5, 5 being the greatest, for the
overall Curriculae Vitae display:

Topic   Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3
Quality of Workmanship                  
Authenticity, Appropriateness to Time and Place                 
"Breadth of Exposure" *                 
Quality of Design/Aesthetic Value                       
Difficulty of Work Attempted                    
Total Points for this Section:          ___     ___     ___

* Note:  "Breadth of Exposure" above can include a wide exposure to one or
more of the categories listed below.   Breadth of Exposure is intended to
be a balance, not a "Double Jeaprody" for Category Points below.  For
instance, if the candidate has covered every possible fiber craft  in the
Known World, you could rank him/her high in Breadth of Exposure, to balance
a lack of categories below. 

Each Judge should assign one point for an item in the submission that falls
into one of the separate categories listed below.   A single work could
consist of more than one category; for instance, a leatherwork (1) piece
could be painted with dyes made by the artist (2) and the source of that
pigment could have been grown in the artist's garden (3). : 
                                                Judge 1         Judge 2   
Judge 3

Total Points for this Section:                          

Grand Total :

Woodworking/Carving;Carpentry/Furniture Making; Carving other than Wood
(bone, antler, stone, etc.); Leatherwork; Metalworking; Jewelry;
Illumination; Making of Paints, Pigments or Dyes; Music; Musical
Instruments; Other Bardic; Fiber Crafts(Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing,
Knitting, Nall-Binding, etc.); Garb/Costuming; Needlework, Beading; Writing
 A&S Articles; Painting on Wood, Plaster or Cloth; Glass, Stained Glass and
Glass Beads; Armor and Weaponry; Cooking; Brewing/Wine Makng/Cordials;
Gardening and Herb Lore; Husbandry/Bee Keeping; Other Period Animal Studies
such as Falconry, Hunting Dogs, Equestrian Skills;      
Other, Please specify: 

Comments/ Kudos/ Constructive Critisism from Judges:
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