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homeless scrolls

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

I have a stash of scrolls that have either just been signed or not
yet because of geography, timing etc.  I may not have court time to
these but I wanted to send as many of these scrolls home as I could.  If
you're one of these folks and you know you're going to be at Emerald, OR
camp with one of these folks and know they're going to Emerald, would
write me?  If Their Majesties don't have time for me in court I'd like
to send
these home with landed baronage and have the scrolls presented in their
Unfortunately I often don't know what kind of time I'm going to have
until the
morning of the event.

Please email me directly so I don't fill up everybody's mailboxes


Anne LeCoeur	
Madoc Arundel	
Jenny Lynn of Castille	
Rosine of Rowanwald	
Evaine St. Jean de Maurienne	
Elizabeth Katherine of Sterling	
Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur	
Morgan ap Griffith	
Emrys of the Greenwood	
Derek of Grimwood	
Ewan the Mad Wanderer	
Sigurd Thorolfsson	
Alaric August	
Matilda of Tay Gilchrest	
Bronwyn ferch Morgan	
Armand le Charpentier	
Jessia ua Brian	
Elden the True	
Angelica Bellui di Firenze	
Doran Campbell	
Alastair Liam Fitzalan	
Adriana nia an Leaytha	
Cunen Beornhelm	
Caitlin of Elsewhere	
Antonio (known as Rat)	
Alistair MacMillan	
Culain of Emeroke	
Aislinn Grey	
Karl der Kleinefusse )	
Kerry of Claridge	
Johann von Griffenhurst	

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