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Tavern - a "Moment" and a rhyme

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My good lords and ladies, 

Since the tavern has been rather quiet of late. I offer a tale of my
first touch of "The Dream" and "The Moment" that shaped much of its
definition for me.  At the time I knew only vaguely of what the SCA was.

I had but shortly been out of the military and was back at my studies.
In order to pay my expenses I taught martial arts (among other things)
on the weekends in a park close to campus.  We had finished our workout
and several of us were walking back across the park.  I was discussing
how I expected my students to behave in general and especially in an
upcoming tounament.  As we walked across the lawn, we saw two people in
armor combatting each other with much vigor.  A young lady holding a
staff appeared to be "refereeing."

Being of a kindred mindset we all stopped to watch for a moment.  The
exchange was swift and went back and forth for several moments and we
commented on technique, footwork, and what it would be like to use a
shield - suddenly a blow was landed to the leg of one opponent and he
dropped to his knees.

We thought the fight was over and prepared to move on, when to our
surprise the other fighter saluted the man on the ground and dropped to
his knees also to continue the contest.  The lady with her staff saluted
this fighter and cried out "All attend an act of chivalry!"

Needless to say, I  couldn't pass up this highly teachable moment and
addressed my students with a grin - "Now, that is how I expect you to
behave."  A better lesson I could never have found.

This was in Nashville, TN (the Shire of Glaedenfeld) although I did not
know this at the time in the kingdom of the Meridies and 15 years have
come and gone.  Some of my students lived up to that ideal, some fell,
I'm still trying.

May I share a simple rhyme with you of what I strive for in my dream
(your dream may vary)?

--Things Thought Lost--

Oh, how sad a welcome! 
Oh, how great a loss!
Greets the weary trav'ler
Into this maelstrom tossed.
Oh, how base the deeds,
Thoughts unworthy, cruel, and low, 
Now make the greater share
Where I must come and go.

Fallen though this life may be, 
Some seek still the very best,
Where the valiant grow in glory, 
In The Land to north and west.
Still on her sons and daughters, 
Perchance grace and mercy shine; 
And hope that springs eternal, 
from a greater heart than mine.

Here still is hope for things thought lost, 
a dim but grateful speck,
Of chivalry bold and courtesy,
Amid the waste and wreck.
Here stand still noble warriors,
The swift, the proud, the sure.
Side by side with noble maidens, 
Spirits strong, hearts gentle, pure. 

I have found much that I thought was lost here,

...no honors, nor even a ladies favor - just a harp and a sword

Gryphon can be reached at truebard@geocities.com  
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