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<silly>Stupid fighter jokes

Poster: keithsa@microsoft.com

...just to make sure that some of you don't think I'm getting too full
of myself from my previous posts and to show that I appreciate humor as
well as the next guy (and am just as bad at it.  Anyway here are few
groaners for fighters....


....there is not one shred of evidence supporting the hypothesis that
life is serious

Q:   Why don't fighters drink Kool-Aid?
A:   They can't figure out how to get eight cups of water into those
little packages. (which also explains why we need water-bearers)

Q:   What's a heavy fighters favorite wine?
A:   "That was liiiight!" or, "If I had a better sword I could have won

Q. What's the difference between a puppy and a fighter who just lost? 
A. Eventually the puppy stops whining.

Q:   Why are some fighters hurt by simple words?
A:   Because people keep throwing dictionaries at them.

A fighter was driving down the highway on his way to Egil's when he saw
a sign that said "EGIL'S LEFT".  After thinking for a minute, he said to
himself  "Oh well, I wonder where they all went!" and turned around and
drove home.

Two fighters were walking through the woods during a war scenario and
came to some tracks.  The first said her persona was Celtic and she knew
they were deer tracks. The second said his persona was Norse and he knew
they were bear tracks. They were both still arguing when the train hit

And we have to close with:
Q. How many fighters does it take to change a lightbulb? 
A. None. In order to prove how macho they are they prefer to walk in the
dark and bang their shins (that is what the armor is really for).

Q. How many knights does it take to change a lightbulb? 
A. None. They're on a higher plane of existence so there isn't anything
to bump into and bang their shins - so there is no need to change the
light bulb (notice less and less armor).

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