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Re: I need directions for an old Irish game please

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

Fiacha has given good instructions for Fichneil (Fidchell, etc.), but her
descrioption of the game set-up was vague.  This is probably because we
don't really know for sure.  But here's a good guess, for the 7x7 version
she mentions.  (It's also the way you'll see many SCAdians play the game).
You'll have to excuse the ASCI art.  The Xs are attackers, the Os are
defenders, and the K is the King.


Fidchell is my favourite of all the Hneftafl (King's Table) games because
it has the fewest peices, the quickest play, and is easier to learn on
than most.  When you get into the larger versions, where the board is
19x19, and you have 48 attackers against 24 defenders, it starts getting
too much like real warfare.

Incedently, there was a great article in one of the recent TIs about the
Hneftafl games that you may want to look at.  Or if you find me at an
event, I'll be happy to teach you.  I almost always have my games with me.
I've run King's Table tourneys at several events recently and they've all
gone well.  I start the tourney out on Fidchell, and then move the winners
up to larger versions of the game.

Eogan Og Mac Labruinn
(who doesn't understand why people assume that, becase he knows how to
play a lot of medieval games, that he is neccesarily GOOD at them!)

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