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More Lightbulb Jokes

Poster: Ann Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

The following were borrowed from "Not Necessarily the Pikestaff," an AS
XXV parody of the East Kingdom newsletter:

How many Laurels does it take to change a lightbulb?

	"Lightbulbs aren't period."
How many Laurels does it take to change a candle?

	one to research the types of fibers used in period wicks;
	one to research the braid pattern used in period candle wicks;
	one to research the proper length of a period candle;
	one to research the variety of beeswax needed;
	four to study the breeding of the now extinct species of bees
	two to research and build the proper beehive;
	one to plant the clover for the bees to feed on;
	one to research the various dyes and pigments used to color the
	(one Maunche to actually make the candles while this is going on);
	one to study the types of perfumes and scents used;
	two to send conflicting articles to the Complete Anachronist on the
topic of period candle making; and
	one to object that tallow and rushes are much more authentic.
How many mundanes does it take to change a candle?

	"Can't we just turn on the lights?"
How many fighters does it take to blow out a candle?

	Two.  One to administer the blow and the other to marshal and see that
the candle accepts it.

Hope you enjoyed them!
John le Burguillun
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