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Re: Ficheail, Tablut, Hnefatafl et hoc genus omne

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Lord William MacAndrew of Balnagowan writes, in part:

> As anyone who has played Tablut knows, there is almost no way of capturing 
> the king if played well.  However, I've found _ONE_ reference to a rule 
> that I'd be very interested in documenting;
> The king may not assist in capturing opposing pieces.
> Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone play with this rule? My household 
> and I have taken to playing in this manner, just to test it out.  So far, 
> the king has always escaped, but the games do get a little tighter, and 
> last a little longer. 
> Any thoughts?

A man I know from AEthelmearc, one Meistari Fridrikr Tommasson av
Knusslig Hamn, holds the opinion that it was a given that the
king would escape, and the real interest (i.e. betting) was on
how many moves it would take him. I believe that the Meistari bases
this belief on the playability of the game, rather than any documentation.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
Canton of Elvegast
Barony of Windmater's Hill
Kingdom of Atlantia
Who are the maids that fight weaponless around their lord,
the brown ever sheltering and the fair ever attacking him?
                         -- Hervarar saga

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