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Re: Saturday feast (was Emerald Joust - What happened?)

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

> Poster: "Scott Dean" <nacspsd@acs2.acs.ncsu.edu>
> > Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>
> > 
> > I heard the feasts were delicious.
> > 
> >         - Anarra Karlsdottir
> I cannot say about Sunday's feast since I left site before then but
> as for Saturday's feast, I have to differ.  I was in the lower tier
> at Saturday's feast and I found it less than satifactory.  Perhaps
> those in the upper tier experienced something different.  
> If anyone is interested in a specific critique, please send me email
> and I will respond privately. 
> -- Manus MacDhai
>    Kappellenberg/Windmasters' Hill

   Well, tastes differ...  My impression (from upper tier) was that
the major difference between tiers was that we were served first and
had only six (rather than eight) per table.  Personally, I thought
the feast was quite good, but I tend to eat (and usually enjoy) 'most 
anything.  Some of my friends of the vegetarian persuasion were extremely 
disappointed, though, since it was *very* meat heavy.

   I must say, though, that for my taste the Sunday feast was far 
and away the better of the two!

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