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Name Submissions (Was: Re: April and May kingdom returns)

Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@shore.intercom.net>

> The formation of a holding name is only allowed at the Laurel level.
> Kingdoms are not allowed to form holding names on submissions where the
> armory is good, but the name needs work.  Holding names only apply when the
> name passes kingdom and a glitch is found by Laurel.

Speaking of names and documentation, here's another question -- I know
that when you send in a name, you can make a note that you will or will
not accept corrections if the name is found to be undocumentable.  Is it
okay then, if you allow corrections, to specify a list (well, okay, not a
list, but rather two or three maybe) of alternate spellings/translations
that you would prefer if indeed they cannot justify your original request?
Or would that be too much trouble for the heralds (who theoretically might
have to research each one on the list as they go down, as opposed to
picking the most appropriate version they have on hand)?

Just wondering,
Julien de Montfort


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