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[Fwd: Who died?]


I intended this reply for the list, but didn't send it that way.


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Terry L. Neill wrote:
> Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>
> His Highness wrote:
> >I did not know that I had won.
> One thing I noticed at Crown (and most other Atlantian tourneys) is that the
> person who is killed in a fight rarely falls down and dies.
> Generally, the 'dead' person nods or says 'good', salutes and walks off the
> field.

You're right.  I believe that we are supposed to "die" when we recieve a
telling blow.  Generally, we find it takes time and energy, so we don't
always do it at practice and we make more learning time for the
fighting.  That carries over into our tournaments because it begins to
feel natural.  Sometimes during practice we acknowledge a leg blow, but
stay on our feet,, acknowledge a arm blow, and keep using it, but that
doesn't seem to carry over into the tournament.

This provides an hypocracy of sorts, because we are always telling the
newbie fighters to "die defensively", in melee or tourney.  We expect
them to do it correctly for their authorization, then they watch us not
do it on the field.  I have been guilty of this poor example, too.

At the Sunday fighter practices in Elvegast, we hold one small tourney
for all that are there as part of the practice.  The idea is to
reinforce correct tourney behavior, and try to make a solid distinction
between behavior at practice and at tourney.  It doesn't work too well,
though, as I did some retrospect at your comment and realized I didn't
"die" well at Emerald both times I received telling blows.  One from our
Earl Marshall who wrapped me a good one to the back.(I didn't know his
arms were long enough to reach back there;)

Any suggestions other than the "do it all the time", Your Grace?

I personally would like to see more best death prizes.  Even when I was
a newbie fighter in carpet armor(AS XVI), I had a chance to win
something if I died well.

Donald Wagner                            Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir
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