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I need help at the Walters

Poster: Giacomov@aol.com

Unto all of the Good Gentles of Atlantia do I the Honorable Lord Giacomo
Vincenti di Firenze send greetings.

On the evening of June 21, 1997 at approximately 5:30 PM we will be hosting a
demonstration at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore.  This will be after
Highland is over.  What we need is people to stand around in garb and armor
to add flavor to the opening of the Gothic Ivories show.  We are not
concerned with complete accuracy of garb.  What we need help with is plenty
of people to help with directions, sign poles, conversation.  We will provide
free parking, food and drink tickets.  The Barony of Bright Hills has
committed some assistance.  However, this has gone from a 300 person party to
a 2,000 person party.   HELP!!!!!!!  We need about 20-30 good folks, jesters,
singers, musicians and as much other help as possible.

Yours in Service 

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