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Re: April and May kingdom returns (fwd)

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.ColumbiaSC.NCR.com>

Greetings from Eldred!

>> Now to start some trouble.....8^)  Sorry, but I can't resist.
>> Why can't we send the passed device with the failed name and a
>> request to Laurel to create a holding name?  At the risk of
>> falling into the Heraldic Black Hole(tm) we could pend the
>> device until the name passes Kingdom rather than rejecting it
>> outright.  I think Midrealm does this--but there have been
>> problems.
>> The reason I suggest these two options is client satisfaction.
>> Why should perfectly good armory be rejected simply because
>> the name won't go through?  I do have another reason that is
>> somewhat obscure, but still a valid concern.  I can forsee
>> a raging debate over it, that will resolve nothing, so I
>> won't mention it further.

Jaelle responded to my question and suggestions:

>There are a number of reasons.  First, by returning the name in
>the turn around time can be greatly reduced.  There were times, when I
>Triton, that I would return a name in-kingdom, and a resub would be
>in time to send it out the next month.  If a submission goes out with
>unregisterable name, the submitter will not hear of the problem for an
>additional 5 months.

I did not give full implementation details.  Yes, Laurel would get
that the name is "unregisterable".  At the same time the client would be
notified from Kingdom level.  Extended time for client notification is
not an
issue here.

>Second, it will encourage submission heralds to be lazy and do their
>submitters a disservice.  They will fail to do any work on names that
>some help, and more names will be returned by Laurel.

I'm sorry, but I must disagree here.  If the Kingdom returns it, Laurel
mess with it, just creates the holding name for a registerable device.
the submittor allowed for a holding name.)  How do you justify this
encouraging submissions heralds being lazy?

>Remember, while there *are* exceptions, most people are more concerned
>about their names then their armory. There are a number of ways to
>increase/decrease customer service - and it does no good to help in one
>way if you are hurting in another.

I agree about maintaining a balance.  However, if people *are* more
concerned about their names, then this factor should already
submissions heralds from being lazy about name help.

>Finally, and this is of least importance, this will add greatly to the
>burden of Laurel and the College of Arms. Now, if I thought that it
>have a positive impact on the people we serve, I would go ahead with
>idea anyway, because the heralds of the society are here to *serve* the
>people of the society. However, I am not going to *add* to our burdens
>when the net result will be a *loss* of service to our submitters.

How?  I see maybe a couple of minutes per submission at Laurel level.
How difficult is it to create a Holding Name?  In general, I'd say not
If the armory is otherwise registerable, go ahead and register it.  If
don't register the armory now, you'll just have to do it later when the
resubmission of the name goes through.  I do see one way it would
increase the CoA's burden:  double-checking that a name and device
go together once they both pass.  However, with proper organization
by the Kingdoms' submissions offices, that can be taken care of at
the Kingdom level.

Short term increase in burden to set up the organization, long term
benefits for people submitting armory.

>If anyone has any further questions of comments, feel free to contact
>directly, as I do not read this list.

Just one more.  Why are we not allowed to register armory under our
mundane names?  Not that I want to, but I think the option should be
allowed.  (Reasons withheld)

In service,
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