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More on Emerald

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

I think the Pharos was about starting the scriptorium.  (Pharos is a
baronial service award).  I received a Brise de Mer for dyeing and
Brigantia same for harp.  Bard's Keep won a Brise de Mer (sp?) for bardic
collectively, since some of them have won it singly.  Balynar squired to
Sir Iain at Sunday feast.   Duke Bertrand received the unnamed fighter
award.  I think there was more, but it all runs together. 

I thought both feasts were quite good, Saturdays was short on vegies.
Sunday was a better all round meal, but did not have the 'wow' factor of
Saturday.  Personally, I like food better than wow, but that cold salmon
paste stuff on saturday was heavenly.  

I organized the curicula vitae and I agree with the judges that this should
never be judged again.  It was a nightmare.  Everyone who competed put so
much into it and it was very taxing on the judges to give due consideration
to all that work.  I think that the right decision was made as far as the
winners, but by the time the afternoon was over, it just wasnt fun any more
for me or for the judges.  I think it was an excellent demo and a great
turnout (27).  Dafydd is obviously a close relative of the almighty.  I was
very impressed with Silver's leather display.  I had no idea Brigit was so
diverse; very interesting! So many things to look at!  So many talented
people.  I wish that I had gotten some direct feedback on my display, but
the only feedback I got was from folks speaking about it who did not know
it was mine.  Fortunately, they were pretty complementary. 

Those who had more than half a table ASKED - that was the big secret.  I
was under some constraints to keep the number of tables down, since I was
told that upper tier set up would start before we were through.  That did
not happen, plans being what they are, and I apologize, because we could
have spread out more.  I also apologize for the rather hasty and not
altogether polite way in which we were removed from the hall, but that was
also under previous agrement with the feastocrat.  

Fritz pledged fealty publicly to Cuan and they were both very gracious and
courteous about it.  

There was a very nice bardic circle held by Bryce de Byram for their
Majesties on Sunday night.  Susie wore Japanese and told a japanese folk
song.  Bryce did a song I hadnt heard (what a treat!) and there were many
other excellent bards.  The Caer Gaelin choir won the day (or night) with a
song they composed for their leader, Lady Katerina.  Jim Glasser was there
and is going to be back and available for music coaching in Caer Mear.

The royals took refuge in my pavillion, I paniced because SWAT was supposed
to be in there, and I couldnt picture 15 sweaty fighters co-existing with
all those spinning wheels and niddy-noddies.   But it all seemed to work
out and Cuan publically thanked me in court and Bera gave me a really cool
bag made by Mistress Shrew with gummy bears on it.  I really like her bear
prints, so they couldn't have come up with anything that would please me
more!  On sunday, someone borrowed my table cloth for the queen's tea.  The
berry juice came out with a little help, but I am tempted to embroider
strawberries, blackberries and crowns on it just as a souvenier of the

I got very drunk on rummy fruit.  I got over it rather suddenly early
Monday morning when my pavillion almost came down in the storm.   Monday
morning the baron, his wife, my husband and I went to some little
restaurant in Oilville and had a hot breakfast.  
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