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Re: More on Emerald

Poster: Me <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

Hi I personaly thought the feast was a little too much fish.(on both nights)
Personally besides that I thought it was a good exotic(very)feast.I did
catch myself asking what some of the items were.Like the egg stuff served
with bread on sunday .Its was good but what was it:) 
As for the singing I was in heaven.I am sure byram and neil dont need
another compliment on this music since they probraly get that every event.I
did have a question.Anyone know a female from caer galen who received the
silver circlet from a baron on sundays nights bardic competition. I would
love to get in contact with her.:) Any who can help me contact her gets
heavy favors from me.:) I am currently working on a song bout her. :P 
 As for the fighting I was pleezed.The one hour grand melee wore me out.And
to my two oppenents thanks for killing me I learned alot to go over with
duke micheal and fix the hard way:P 
Bye all 
myrddin of marinus 
the guy in the marinus tabard :P

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