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Re: Map to Atlantia

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> > >     I have had a wonderful idea, but I need a hand.  I am wondering
> > > if anyone has ever developed a map of the Kindom of Atlantia.  It will
> > > include all Baronies, Shires, Colleges, Households, etc.
> *Households*? Those are going to be awfully hard to put in just one place.

You find the head of the household, then ask her (or him), "If
you had to pick just one place to say where your household is,
where would it be?"  If she refused to answer, just list that
household on the margin of the map.  Is that awfully hard?

> > > I don't know where every one is located, if there are preferences on
> > > where a group is located on the map.
> That's a nontrivial problem; especially with groups like Windmasters'
> which more or less partition the barony into cantons.

You can have the canton names in small letters, and the barony's
name in large letters stretching across all the cantons.  Mundane
cartographers do it all the time with counties, states, and countries.
Or do like Duke Sir Merowald does in his famous Maps of the Known
World: Show the barony as a three-turret castle (with its name
hovering nearby, of course) and show the cantons as individual
towers clustered around the barony symbol.  I'm not describing
it too well; look at one of his Grace's maps and you'll see what
I mean.

-- Alfredo

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