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Poster: KNPQ34A@prodigy.com (MISS JENNIFER E BRAME)

Good gentles all,

I am seeking the e-mail address of those "in charge" of the 
Greensboro, NC  chapter... methinks their names were John and Jane 
Sellers--am I correct?  If anyone with this knowledge, or perhaps the 
couple themselves, could contact me I would be very appreciative... I 
would like to find out what the group is doing this summer, and where 
(I am but a total "newbie" at this).

Many thanks,
Gwenllian Gwyn ferch Llewelyn
(unregistered name)

The Wise Woman Says:
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leveraged geomass delivery              system."

  "Cogito, ergo spud."  (I think, therefore I yam.)

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