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May Laurel Acceptances and Returns

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

The following items were registered at Laurel's May meeting...

-Aislynn of Jarrow. Name change from Aislynn Fyralockar.
-Antonio Tagliaferro. Name and device. Per pale dovetailed Or and azure,
        a dragon and a ram combattant counterchanged.
-Atlantia, Kingdom of. Release of heraldic title Berger Herald.
-Atlantia, Kingdom of. Release of heraldic title Shofar Herald.
-Eadwyn Inhold. Badge. (Fieldless) A beaver sejant erect maintaining two
        oak leaves argent.
-Ella de Lille. Name and device. Argent, a mask of comedy and a mask of
        tragedy in fess, on a bordure sable semy of lilies argent.
        Submitted as Ella du Lille, the proper preposition is de.
-Emma Lawles. Ermine, four roses in cross and a bordure wavy sable.
-Henri La Grave. Name.
-Katryne of Bakestonden. Name.
-Morgan Wainwright. Device. Quarterly argent and sable, a wheel
-Signı of Hindscroft. Holding name and device. Per pale vert and argent,
        a turtle tergiant a bordure counterchanged. Submitted as Signı
-Tamsin Barker. Name.

The following items were returned at Laurel's May meeting:

-Karl Helweg. Badge. (Fieldless) A sea-sagittary erect reguardant Or.
        Device conflicts
-Kofryna the Goatherd. Name and device. Gules, a cow contourny and in
        chief a decrescent argent, a bordure Or mullety azure.
        The name is being returned for lack of documentation. The armory is
        being returned for a redraw, as it was not clear, even on the large
        emblazon, whether the animal was a cow as blazon, or a goat, what
the submitter apparently wanted.
-Signı Bjarnardóttir. Name.
        This conflicts with the already registered Signy Bjanarsdottir (3/87E).
        The armory was registered under the holding name Signı of
-Sine ní Dheaghaidh. Badge.  [Fieldless] A honeybee Or. SCA conflict
-Katryne of Bakestonden. Name and device. Quarterly argent and vert,
        three owls statant affronty counterchanged.
        This is pended as it was blazoned on the LoI as quarterly vert and
        argent, etc, it is really quarterly argent and vert.
Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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