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Pennsic Information - IMPORTANT

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Gentle friends,

Two pieces of important information have come down from various Powers That
Be.  I ask that all of you spread this information to those who are not at
Cheapside, in hopes that all may be forewarned!

First, and most important, the deadline for Pennsic pre-registration has
been extended to June 15.  This means you have an additional two weeks to
get your money in and have your registration count towards your group's
land allotment.  (You can still preregister after this date but your group
will not get any land for you and some groups have already determined that
if you didn't pre-register, you won't be allowed to camp with that
particular group!)

Second, the SCA membership booth will not be able to set up outside the
troll booth at Pennsic (as it did last year).  This means that if you are
not a member before you get to Pennsic, you will have to pay the non-member
rate.  If you intend to come to Pennsic, please renew your membership now
and get some sort of proof of membership (fax, postcard, etc) before Pennsic.

Again, gentle folk, please distribute this information to all.

Many thanks!

Seneschal, Atlantia
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