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Re: tobacco

Poster: Brent David Kellmer <bdk8s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu>


Pipes may well have existed pre-16th century, but they would certainly
have been _very_ limited in use -- using things like willow bark (see
Master Vuong's posting).  That's assuming that they were used at all,
which I'm not sure they were.  Why do you think they were common (that's
not intended as a snarky question -- I'm curious...)  As for Nicotine --
again, as Master Vuong pointed out, there are other plants that carry
nicotine in limited quantities besides Tobacco.  

As for Coke-head mummies, when testing for the presence of cocaine, you
don't actually test for Cocaine itself, but for the residual chemicals
that metabolized cocaine leaves in your body -- so rather than finding
cocaine in mummies, chemicals similar to those leftover after metabolizing
cocaine were found in the bodies -- quite a different thing.  Other plants
may leave similar trace chemicals, or processes such as embalming might...

--Rodrigo Marco Viscari 
(Rodrigo Ramirez de Valencia)

given at Isenfir an hour or so of compline, this sixth day before the
Nones of June, Indiction V

On Mon, 2 Jun 1997, Christopher M Dawson wrote:

> Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)
> I'm doing some guess work and association here, but smoking pipes was
> common long before the 'age of exploration', correct?  If so, wouldn't
> some form of tobacco been in use.......  Another posting said that
> nicotine and cocaine traces were found in mummies, so  with there being
> plenty of contact on both sides of the Mediterranean,  such products from
> Egypt could have made there way into Europe by the middle ages..... Also,
> if one were to follow tectonic movements, the movement of continents, you
> would find that the land masses were very close if not actually connected
> at one point in time...... therefore finding plants that share common
> traits (i.e. nicotine) would not be impossible.....This is supported by
> the common traits shared by animals in the various locations.....  
> Just some thoughts....
> Nikolai
> Who may be guilty of not doing research, but not for not using his
> mind....

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