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Re: ca help

Poster: wmorris@spider.csd.sc.edu

>> I spoke with a gentle last night that wants to send me a manuscript
>> or two and has them printed out in hard copy but that is almost two
>> hundred pages.  He is also sending me a disk from an ancient Mac.
>> Can anyone out there help me to read the disk and get it on to a
>> floppy I can use in a format I can read?
>> Thanks
>> Annejke
>Tell me specifically what format he's doing it in, and what format you
>prefer it to end up in, and I can probably help.  I've got both Macs
>and PCs in my office, and most of them have excellent translating

Ditto the above for me.  I have a macintosh with a separate board in it 
running windows95 so I have the best of both worlds.  If it's translation 
you need, I can do it regardless of format.

Liam a'Welwyn
(mka William Morris / william.morris@sc.edu / work: 803-777-6015
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