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Re: The Song of Roland

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Myrddin Wrote:
Buy Fair Lady Atlantia It has that song and some of byram's stuff.My
favorite song on the tape was perhaps a dream by Efenwealt Wystle.You
probraly locate it through the merchants or you can send 10 buck(for tape
and and song book) check to : Barbara Bishop , 1618 Bill Street,Norfolk,va
23518.Sorry I cant give you words cause my song book got a chance to meet
rain at emerald!:) Its worth the ten bucks.:)
In service of the Kingdom
Myrddin of Marinus<<<<<

The address listed for Countess Brigit(Barbara Bishop) is INCORRECT. She can
be reached throught the Kingdom Warlord, Duke Anton Tremayne in Sanford, NC.

I don't have his address at the moment but I KNOW that is where she has been
staying for several months.

In Service,
Lord Gaelan MacCuinneagain
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