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Re: The Real Story from Kofryna the Goatherd...

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.Mitre.org>

Gaelan helpfully responded:
>Virgil wrote:
> As for a goatherds naturally having goats on their device.  I do not 
>believe that traditionally this was the case.  Device did not generally 
>relate to one's name or occupation...though I suppose maybe some could be
>nicknamed after it?  Would someone with real knowledge like to step in 
>The appropriate terminology  for having your device depict a part of your
>name is called canting.  I can think of two examples of canting arms in the
>SCA that was done superbly.  The examples that I can think of are Lady
>Stephania Hering has a red herring on her device and one that was passed
>several years ago for a Lord Isenhart in which his device has two hearts with
>the letter I on each heart.

  Though I did mean traditionally in period, rather than in the SCA, those 
are some interesting examples.  I had never heard of canting (though I 
suppose if you are going to recant, you must have cantted at some point).
Was this a period practice?

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