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Re: Goat or cow? It points to a process breakdown.

Poster: John Gahrmann <jrgahrmann@geocities.com>

Andre Detommaso wrote:
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> Poster: Andre Detommaso <andre.detommaso@intelsat.int>

	[ Lots of good commentary and points snipped] 

>If you're a herald, I don't think it hurts to
> try to put yourself in the position of someone doing a submission, perphaps
> for the first time, and think: "What can I do to make this process easy and
> clear?" This ongoing discussion has demonstrated that the process is
> anything but clear, so now would be a good time to think about making it
> better.
> Comments, of course, are welcomed.
> Lorenzo

Well, re-engineering a process requires CREATIVITY and is so ANACRONISTIC to the middle 
ages...Why would we as a SOCIETY want to do that? It's just not the way things are done 
around here........:)

John Gahrmann
AKA Johann von Rothenburg
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