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[MR] Heralds don't make puns...

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> I had never heard of canting (though I suppose if you are
> going to recant, you must have canted at some point).
> Was this a period practice?

William Shakespeare (1564-1623) had these arms:

Or, on a bend sable a spear of the first, pointed argent.

I have heard that a bend was sometimes called a "shake".
Even if that's not true, it is true that a spear was
called a spear.  Therefore do I think that this is
an example of canting.

-- Alfredo
I think, by some odd gimmors or device
Their arms are set like clocks, stiff to strike on;
Else ne'er could they hold out so as they do.
By my consent, we'll even let them alone.
                    -- King Henry VI, Part 1
                       Act 1, Scene 2

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