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Re: Kofryna the Goatherd (fwd)

Poster: Tom Bilodeau <ThomasB@HCL-JMI.com>

Greetings unto the Merry Rose from Tirloch of Tallaght. 

The discussion on Kofryna the Goatherd's device has had words from many
sources. Mistress Jaelle of Armida, the Laurel Queen of Arms, has asked
me to forward this message unto the Merry Rose **in the event  that the
original posting** did not make it through her ISP.

 > This was forwarded me and I feel that I must clear up some
> misunderstandings.
>>Before I traced the goat, our Shire Herald told me artistry wasn't a
>>factor. This experience has taught me that the guidance he had received
>>couldn't have been more wrong. Actually, from what I can tell drawing is
>>more important than the words on the blazon, or any written hints you
>>provide. Our Shire Herald has been working for months on arguing for my
>>case, and I appreciate his dedication.
> I am sorry that your shire herald told you that, but in fact he was
> incorrect.  The drawing is what we base the blazon (words) on, not the
> other way around. Many more people can draw than can blazon.
>>The interesting thing is that once the device passes, I'll have an
>>artist draw it. The drawing may be one of many breeds of goats, all
>>which have unique traits that won't probably have appeared on the device
>>submission. Do the Heralds care if it's a Toggenburg, Saanen or Alpine
>>(all are European). Do the Herald's know?
> In general we don't care what kind of goat, or dog, or cat, or cow, or
> horse, or rose, etc. it is.  In fact, we dont' care if you draw it as one
> breed of goat in one place, another in a second place, and a third in a
> third place.  In period, it would have been blazoned as a goat, not an X
> breed of goat.
>>What  I really don't understand at this point that I just observed
>>regarding the fact that a boat, plant or glass doesn't have to be
>>clearly identifiable. If this is true,  then why is the goat versus cow
>>so important. Especially when common sense tells you that Kofryna the
>>Goatherd has a GOAT on her device. It was questionable between the two
>>animals, but common sense should have dictated the  answer.
> Ah, but *everything* must be identifiable.  I have to return items on a
> semi-regular basis (unfortunately) for identifiablity, as did all of my
> predecessors.  Let me quote from the rules.
> a.   Identification Requirement - Elements must be recognizable
>      solely from their appearance.
>                Any charge, line of partition, or field treatment
>                used in Society armory must be identifiable, in
>                and of itself, without labels or excessive
>                explanation.
> If people want to take advantage of that fact that Laurel lives in
> Atlantia and come to a Laurel meeting, if they make arrangements with me
> by e-mail, remember I don't read this list, I would be happy to have
> people come over. Warning: we *will* put you to work!
> Perhaps then people could learn how the process works.
>>By the way, no one called me or my Herald regarding the dispute. We saw
>>the Cow for the first time when it was printed in the Acorn.
> I, of course, can not speak for what is happening with Atlantian
> submissions now, but when I was Triton at least 35% of the submissions
> came in with *no* blazon (no written description) and another 25% were so
> wrong that they were useless.  So, I would guess that the submission
> herald who processed your paperwork had the same type of thing happening,
> and reblazoned your device as a matter of course.
> As Laurel, I would be *very* upset if the submissions herald was returning
> items for lack of of bad blazon (written description). It is his job to
> provide it, and he could only do it based on the picture in front of him.
> However, let me assure you that I am looking forward to your resubmission.
> Jaelle,
> Laurel

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