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Heralds (banter)

Poster: Lady Emma <j4j4u4wm@coastalnet.com>

Akilah of Seareach wrote:
> Poster: Akilah of Seareach <ladypez@coastalnet.com>
> Question.  Are heralds born with that kind of sense of humor
> or is it developed slowly over a period of time?  Like......
> vinegar!
> Pez

Hey big sister:

new song... 3rd verse.   it's a locksley

Now the Heralds made up a new Rulebook
       And to read it is some kind of gas!
       It's a bureaucrat's dream, this new Rulebook
       Now NOBODY'S blazon can pass!

         (Win - Place - Show, tell the Heralds where to go!)

                        (insert Bronx cheer!)

         I want an itsy bitsy teenie weenie little rabbit fur bikini
         On my shield, as my blazon, today!
         An itsy bitsy teenie weenie little rabbit fur bikini
         But "that's offensive" the Heralds all say!

<hey I LIKE heralds.... where's your sense of fun?>


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