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Fw: A story to get you through hump day.....

Poster: sanctuary@koan.com

> One of my beading buddies sent me this--of course to make it an 
> SCA story you
> need to change the cowboy to a knight, and the rancher to a 
> Scotsman.  Enjoy:
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Bin there, dune it for you!   ; })  ...  Rav  ...
> <<
> A ventriloquist Knight walks onto a field...
>          Knight to Scotsman:  Is that your dog?
>          Scotsman: Yup.
>          Knight:  Mind if I talk to him?
>          Scotsman:  Durn fool, don't you know dogs don't talk.
>          Knight: So what's the harm?  May I?
>          Scotsman: Go right ahead.
>          Knight to dog: Howdy.
>          Dog: Hello. (Scotsman's eyes pop out)
>          Knight:  Is this your master?  (pointing to the Scotsman)
>          Dog:  Yep, sure is.
>          Knight:  Does he treat you alright?
>          Dog:  Sure does, every day he takes me for a walk, he feeds 
>          me all kinds of great food, and once a week he takes me to the
>          to play.
>          Scotsman is standing there dumbfounded.
>          Knight to Scotsman:  Is that your horse over there?
>          Scotsman: Yes.
>          Knight:  Mind if I speak to him?
>          Scotsman:  I know the dog spoke to you, but I know for a fact 
>          that horses can't talk.
>          Knight: Well then what would it hurt?
>          Scotsman: Go right ahead.
>          Knight to horse: Hello.
>          Horse:  Hello.
>          Scotsman can't believe it.  He stands there with his jaw wide 
>          open.
>          Knight:  Is that your owner?
>          Horse:  Yup, sure is.
>          Knight:  He treat you OK?
>          Horse:  Sure, he rides me every day, brushes me down at the 
>          end of the day, and he keeps me in the barn away from the
>          Knight:  Sounds good. (turns to the Scotsman) are those your 
>          sheep out there?     . . .  (  ; })  .... wait for it .... )
>          Scotsman is beside himself:  Th-Th-Th-Them sheep out there, 
>          they're nothing but a bunch of liars!!>>

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