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Re: Quick new heraldry question

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

James wrote:
>	Okay, no awards for answering this one, but I'm in search of a 
>relatively quick answer to what should be a simple question.  I need to 
>know what is the proper way to spell gryphon when referring to a male 
>version and what the difference, if any is?  It's a bit of a minor debate 
>here, and since I'm in the process of moving all my beloved heraldry and 
>reference books are buried at the bottom of massive boxes, and I cannot  
>come up with the answer without them. 

The OED has the following three entries:

griffin /'grifin/ n., fabulous creature with eagle's head and wings and
lion's body. [F f. L f. Gk]

griffon /'grif(that upsidedown e that I think is called a schwa)n/ n. dog
like terrier with coarse hair, large vulture, griffin. [F, = prec.]

gryphon  var. of griffin.

Fox-Davies' book A Complete Guide To Heraldry has both griffin and gryphon
depicting the same animal as a creature with the head, wings and claws of an
eagle and the body of a lion, and also depicts a male gryphon as the same
without wings but with spikes "showing at some number of points on its body."

This creature is also different from the hippogriff which has the head,
wings and foreclaws of a griffin united to the hinder part of the body of a

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