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Re: hint

Poster: Akilah of Seareach <ladypez@coastalnet.com>

Efenwealt Wystle wrote:

> To the tune of _Yesterday_
> <sing_bard>
> Heraldry,
> Gosh that stuff is cool, its plain to see.
> Who’s that lady ‘cross the field from me?
> I know her by, her heraldry.
> Is ------- that-------
> Charge a goat or a cow? Oh please tell me.
> Or----- my-----
> Roll of Arms will have use-less
> Heraldry-hee-hee-hee *giggle*
> Heraldry
> Giving geeks a job that is court-ly,
> I don’t care because I am home free
> I’ve registered my heraldry.
> hmmm hmm hmm, hm hmmm hmmm hm hmmm
> </sing_bard>
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Lord Efenwealt Wystle (aka Scott F. Vaughan) efen@hotmail.com
    <snicker,snicker, SNORT>

Oops, sorry.      <snicker,snort>

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