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Re: I LOVE this!

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lord Magnus, you write:
> ... And a lost lurker asks, "What, pray do tell, are 'OHC' and 'CAMBOK',
> please?"

I should not be the one to explain Cambok.  It is a sort of combination of
Soccer and Field Hockey.  It is played with a leather ball, about a foot
in diameter.  Some players use sticks, others risk their feet to kick the 
ball (I've noticed that when the ball handler has no stick, most people
start to kick at the ball themselves, thereby saving many a shin)  There 
are two goals, basically two posts with a cross bar (yes, I've seen the 
ball go over the goal.  Since there are two goals, there are 
theorectically two teams.  However, things tend to be rather more fluid
and unorganized then that.

The OHC is the Order of the Hairy Chasim.  It has three members so far, 
THL Falcone, Lord Jonathan Blackbow, and my humble self (Lord Leifr).  
Membership is reserved for those with notable foot-IN-mouth disease.
> 	By way of introduction, I am Magnus McKinley.  My Lady Wife, Michelina
> della Rosa D'Oro, and I are being sent by my Uncle Samuel to the Storvik
> area in September.  I enjoy fighting, brewing, dancing, heraldry (I can see
> this skill will either be very welcome or cause me to be a hunted man :),
> and research into treaties and alliances.  My Lady is a costumer, weaver,
> brewer, and is learning heavy combat.
> 	We look forward to meeting you all, and returning to the "real world"
> after two years in the Furthest Corners of the Globe.  
"Storvik" is a little vague.  Depending on where you hope to domescile, 
you could be in any of a number of groups.  D.C. and Prince Georges 
County, MD form the Barony of Storvik Proper.  Most of Montgomery County, 
MD forms the Shire of Roxbury Mill.  Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's 
Counties, MD, form the Barony of Dun Carraig.  Most of Fairfax County, VA 
along with Arlington and Alexandria, form the Barony of Ponte Alto.  All 
of these together are spin offs of Ancient Storvik.  

The two counties to the northwest of Montgomery County (Washington and 
Frederick, I think) form the Shire of Highlande Forde.  The two counties 
to the Northeast of Prince George's (Howard and the one containing 
Annapolis) form the Barony of Lochmere.  All points north and east of 
this in Maryland are parts of the Barony of Bright Hills.  The Eastern 
Shore is the Canton of Spaggia Leventian (sp).  These areas were formed 
out of the last remenants of the mighty Barony of Mirkwude.

In Northern Virginia, outside of the County of Fairfax and including from 
it the towns of Chantilly and Centreville, is the "Taxed but as yet still 
only a~ Shire of Stierbach.  Stierbach reaches south to the middle of 
Spotsylvania county (border with the Barony of Caer Mear), south west to 
the middle of Culpepper County (border with the Shire of Isenfir), and 
West to the West Virginia/Aethelmearc border.

If you are interested in living in West Virginia, the eastern panhandle is 
the Shire of Sylvan Glen.

I hope you will find the geography lession helpful. 

In Service

Leifr Johansson
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