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Re: I LOVE this!

Poster: rnjloll@ite.net (Richard Loll)

At 17:17 6/5/97 -0400, Lord Leifr Johansson, sometime Principal of the OHC
responded to:
>> Efen (who is petitioning the OHC to be on the watch list) returns to the 
>> CAMBOK field.
>I'll keep you in mind, especially if you keep bringing up the northern 
>principality ;-).

... And a lost lurker asks, "What, pray do tell, are 'OHC' and 'CAMBOK',

	By way of introduction, I am Magnus McKinley.  My Lady Wife, Michelina
della Rosa D'Oro, and I are being sent by my Uncle Samuel to the Storvik
area in September.  I enjoy fighting, brewing, dancing, heraldry (I can see
this skill will either be very welcome or cause me to be a hunted man :),
and research into treaties and alliances.  My Lady is a costumer, weaver,
brewer, and is learning heavy combat.
	We look forward to meeting you all, and returning to the "real world"
after two years in the Furthest Corners of the Globe.  

Ric and Joanne Loll		     Magnus McKinley & Michelina la Rosa D'Oro
rnjloll@ite.net		                   Fortelenza de Islas de las Velas Latinas
Guam, USA			        Kingdom of  The West, SCA Inc.
	All opinions expressed are done as simple, humble humans...
+~+    Honor: Do what you SAY, Say what you MEAN, Mean what you DO!      +~+

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