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Re: Eastern Marsh Regional Fighter Practice

Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>

Bonnie A Hindle wrote:

> Greetings to the Cheapside!
>         I would like to thank all of the gentles who attended the fighter
> practice of the Eastern Marsh Army today in Seareach.
>  We manged to get though the afternoon with no serious injuries,
> several new really COOL fighting bruises,  and only three mushy pieces of
> rattan.  I who like to thank everyone who attended the afternoon,
> especially Vicountess Vincetta and Thomas MacFinn who found a new fast
> route to Wilmington.

	There is no fast route to anywhere from Greenville; however, it was a
bit faster (2 1/2 hours driving instead of three).
	As the guy sporting about half of those bruises (I can best describe my
performance that day as "slapstick"), I just wanted to let you know,
Alesia, that the REALLY cool bruises were not discovered till later. 

> Odin be blessed  for the clear skies and the fact we
> did NOT get kickied out of YET ANOTHER restuarant in Wilmington.

I'm pretty sure that was because we all had to leave relatively early.
:) The discussion between the men sporting "woad" in the resturant's
men's bathroom on make-up application was worth the trip by itself.


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