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awards delivered!

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

I must take a moment to remind everybody of the benefits of this
list.  Because of the efforts made by people replying to my "next"
lists and "still play?" lists, I have been deliver some VERY OLD
scrolls.  These are scrolls that were completed for folks that either 
don't play (since the award was given) or have been  merely forgotten 
for years.

Between Emerald Joust and University, 9 scrolls have been delivered.
5 of these scrolls have waited at least 4 years to be delivered.  (I
because I did them 4 years ago!)  Usually the recipients are very
people to track down but with he benefits of a mailing 
list it's so much easier to contact the masses quickly.  I know the
Acorn was 
intended for such things but I know that so many folks never actually 
READ those letters in the Acorn.  (They seem to think it's for
to events only, I guess.)

Your efforts at replying to my requests for help are greatly
Getting these scrolls finally home is a very rewarding experience. This
no knock on my predecessors.  Such things weren't popular back then
except among the "most technical" of the computer geeks. Thanks for 
all the help and attention you've given me so far!

Lady Rebecca the Contrary
Clerk of Signet, Atlantia

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