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For all of you who asked!

Poster: Denise McMahon <denise@access.digex.net>

This is for everyone who has written to me asking "well, isn't
Prince William Park in Stierbach?" Why yes! Yes, it is! Extra points
for knowing your SCA geography. And yes! our Good Neighbors in
Ponte Alto did ask for and receive our blessing. It should be a
wonderful event. Go, be good fighters and have a terrific time!

Stierbach has lots of great camping sites, a veritable wealth of great
camping sites! A couple of groups have asked to use sites in our area.
So, if you're stuck for an event site, I have a list I can send your
way. We aren't that stingy and our land tax is most reasonable (hint: we
love cookies, although there are more of us now!).

I look forward to seeing you all at Sword and Compass!

In Service,
Rowan Berran McDowell
Seneschale of Stierbach
Chief Cat Herder

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