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Re: Golden Dolphin Purpose

Poster: Morgnne@aol.com

In the recent thread concerning the Pearl/Gold Dolphin purpose (or is that

Herveus wrote:

<< Teaching can be either. If you are not sure, recommend that both orders
 at the person. One would hope that at least one of the orders would take
 the recommendation to heart. As to travel, just travelling to events is not
 necessarily meaningful. Going various places and _doing_ "stuff" is the key.
 The nature of the "stuff" then steers the recommendation to the appropriate
 On teaching, sharing your art or science through teaching is, I think, a
 value one expects of Pearls. Teaching, in general, is also service. 

As a Companion of the Order of the Pearl, I can only speak from my own
perspective (which, I realize, is purely my own   .... is this where I need
to put the disclaimer that all opinions expressed herein are mine, and not
necessary those of the management? <G>)  Anyway, here goes (my first attempt
at a response in the Merry Rose..... bartender, pour me an ale!).....

It has long been the tradition that a Pearl is a Kingdom-level award given
for excellence in the arts and sciences.  It is usually given for a specific
art or science (needlework, brewing, whatever), although multiple talents in
the arts and sciences are even more cool.  A key component is also teaching
--- does the person in question share his/her knowledge with others?
 However, it is not the only component.  A person can teach all he/she wants,
but if the quality of the work is not of a certain level, that person is not
ready to be Pearl material. 

The level of activity of the person in question (i.e., the amount that the
person travels to non-local events) does play a part in the selection of a
Pearl, simply because (a) that is how a person gets known around the Kingdom
and thus known to the Companions of the Order, and (b) that demonstrates a
certain level of commitment that is important (notice, I do not say that it
is required! I've known in my time people who have never travelled more than
a 2-hour radius .... or less... from their home group, but have the level of
excellence for a Pearl, and teach within the confines of their geographical
location). However, it certainly helps, if only in that it affords an
opportunity for more of the Companions to become familiar with the work of
the person in question.

Dafydd ap Gwystl writes:

<<The Pearl has a very strong emphasis on teaching the arts.  Anything
having to do with teaching arts and sciences is almost always going to be
under the Pearl umbrella.  The other main thing under the Pearl umbrella
is excellence in the arts.>>

I agree, although perhaps with slightly more emphasis on the excellence as
opposed to the teaching.

Anarra brings up an excellent point: recommendations.  How are we going to
know about someone if he/she is not brought to the attention of the Order and
the Crown? In the past fifteen years that I have been in Society (although
not active that entire time, having taken a recent hiatus of about... oh, six
years or so), our numbers have grown significantly (Remember when 4,500 was
considered a big Pennsic?  I do!). As a result, we need your input!  And you
don't have to be a Pearl, or a Laurel, or anything like that, in order to
write a recommendation. It is also important to realize that you can
recommend someone who might be working toward Pearl level quality, but may
not quite be there yet.  So, "keep those cards and letters coming."  We rely
on them.

- Baroness Morgaine de la Flamme, CP

(who is going to take a healthy slug of her ale, now that she's (finally)
spoken her piece........whew!)

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