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Re: awards etc

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

>while we are on the subject, being relatively new to sca stuff.  Where
> and to whom would i send award nomination/recommendations to?

Sylvana -

Recommendations for Baronial awards should be given to the Baron and Baroness.
(If the person you are recommending lives in a Barony.)

Recommendations for Kingdom Awards should be sent to the King and Queen with
copies to the Prince and Princess.  Addresses are in the Acorn.  I also
sending a copy of your recommendation letter to the Baron/ess if the person
are recommending lives in a Barony.  

If you are recommending for a polling Order (Pearl, Golden Dolphin, White
Scarf, Sea Stag, Laurel, Pelican or Knighthood) a copy of the recommendation
should go to the principal of that order (addresses also in the Acorn).

When I say a 'copy of the recommendation', I mean for that specific order. 
Don't send the whole letter to each principal, just send Pearl
to the Pearl principal, etc.

I find this easy with e-mail.  I just address the entire letter to the King/
Queen, Prince/ss and Baron/ess.  Then I cut and paste for the principals.

If you are snail mailing, then putting recommendations for different orders
different pages and only photocopying those pages works well.

Right now everyone has e-mail.  Wonderful thing!

I've found nothing in the SCA more rewarding than being in court as the King
Queen reads bits of my letter of recommendation while giving an award.  It's
truely incredible experience. Hard to describe in print.

Even better is hearing bits of my letter and bits of someone else's letter!


        - Anarra
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