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Atlantian Twenty Year

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Lady Alesia Gillefalyn, Seneschal of Seareach, wrote:

> (My Shire is going to KILL me for this BUT here goes.....)
> 	IF the Crown so chooses and instead of having an Atlantian
> Birthday every year would like to have one every five years; the Shire of
> Seareach would at this point very proudly like to put in a bid for
> Atlantian Twenty Year in the year 2001.   I  would be happy to Autocrat. 
> Does this cover what you wanted your Excellency??

HAHAHahahahahahehehehee hee hee hee

Ah, fair lady, you have a truly brave heart!  I commend your spirit,
although I suspect you may not know what you are getting into.

If you are serious about it, I advise you to start looking around in a
leisurely way (you have two years before a concrete bid would be useful). 
You will need a camping site capable of handling 1000 or more Atlantians
for three or four days.  Situated in the center of the Kingdom would be
better than on the fringes, but the better bid will often win even if it
is ...  geographically disadvantaged.

Remember, though, a bid isn't a bid until you've got a site, a plan, and
everything down on paper :^)


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