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Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Ed Hopkins wrote:

> The implication here, I think, is that llamas go "baa"
> like sheep.  Is that really the case?  I mean, poodles
> have wool, too, but they bark like dogs.  My See-And-Say
> doesn't have a llama on it, so I can't answer the
> question.  If there be any llamas in this tavern,
> I pray: what say you?
> -- Alfredo

I just had a crazy vision of an SCA-See-and-Say that has Atlantian bards
on it.  
Byrum sys, "The Baloo and Gold the Black and White!"
Efen says, "Alas, my _____ you've done me ______"
Eogan says, "It's Only Just a Game!"
and the Herald says, "Mwha, mwha, mhwa-mhwa-ma...."

I have been working way too long.  Time to take a sedative and lay down
for a while....

(apologies to those I made fun of.  Feel free to retaliate, although
through frequent exposure to ridicule I have built up quite a tolerence).

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