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Re: Awards and all that good stuff

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

"Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com> wrote:
> In fact, one of the 'problems' being looked at by the Grand Council (Or
> InterKingdom Advisory Council, I forget which) is the 'lack of recognition at
> the National Level'.  (Your Mileage May Vary as to how much of a problem you
> perceive this to be.)

>         - Anarra

	That must be the IAC, as it isn't a topic on the GC mailing list.
The GC is currently discussing (in committee), Costs of Members electing
Board members, costs of relocation of the corporate office, costs of
Internationalization of the SCA and misc other topics that drift across our screens.

Lord Kwellend-Njal Kollskeggsson
GC member and technical flunkie
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