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Re: Awards and all that good stuff

Poster: Phillip of Ghent <garm@teach.ENET.dec.com>

>Corun MacAnndra wrote:
>	<<Very large snip>>
>I hope I haven't muddied the waters here with this somewhat verbose
>explanation. I also hope that if I've made any mistakes or assumptions, that
>someone with greater knowledge or understanding will correct me.
>In service,
>Companion of the Order of the Golden Dolphin
>Companion of the Order of the Lozulet

As usual, Your Excellency, your elloquence has enriched us all!
(Phillip types with a straight face ;^} - but really means it!)


Everywhere I looked, the sky was full of stars.  And every star was an
exploding ship.  One of ours.
			- Cmdr. Jeffry Sinclair, Babylon 5

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