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Re: Lama haters unite

Poster: Dick Eney <dickeney@access.digex.net>

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997 LWright740@aol.com wrote:

> Poster: LWright740@aol.com
> Once I was in a pasture, picking out the hoofs of a horse, and I was tackled
> from behind by a lama.  I fended it off with a salt brick as it made
> offensive sounds and spit at me.  I had been told that the lama was there,
> but did not know it was inprinted on humans.  It seems that body slaming is
> the standard way for a love struck male to "pick up" a female.  I was not
> amused and neither was he when I beaned him in the head with the salt brick.

<Snip perfectly true statements about the behavior of llamas which do not
at all apply to lamas.> 

Please be more careful!  The point has already been made on this list that
the name of the animal is the two-l word, llama.  To repeat: A lama
(one-l) is respected clergy in my religion (Tibetan Buddhism). A llama
(two-l) is an animal related to the camel.  Although it was obvious from
the context of the article that the misspelling was unintentional, it was
not at all obvious from the subject line, which made it sound as though
the post was anti-Buddhist hate-spam and was thus an unexpected jolt to
find in the email.  The consistent misspelling borders on the
inadvertently offensive. It is as though the word shaman had been
consistently misspelled as "Charmin'", the brand-name toilet paper,
without any intentional comedy being involved.

Normally I don't grouse about spelling, but this one hurt.  We now return
you to your regularly scheduled discussion.

=Tamar the Gypsy (sharing account dickeney@access.digex.net)

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