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Lama haters unite

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

Once I was in a pasture, picking out the hoofs of a horse, and I was tackled
from behind by a lama.  I fended it off with a salt brick as it made
offensive sounds and spit at me.  I had been told that the lama was there,
but did not know it was inprinted on humans.  It seems that body slaming is
the standard way for a love struck male to "pick up" a female.  I was not
amused and neither was he when I beaned him in the head with the salt brick.
 It is funny now, but at the time I had serous doubts that I would not be
body slammed to death.  I have very stong feelings about lamas.  The one
animal I hate no matter how cute they look.  Please keep all live lamas away
from me.   So be my guest, pick the blokes bald.....they also make nice
tanned hides.  I wonder if a bedspread would fix my lama fear.

Lama haters leader,

Lora Leigh
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