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Re: Many Questions - Boffering

Poster: susan@eecs.tufts.edu (Susan M. Lauber)

At one point I was offered a chance to get involved with designing standards
for boffers in Atlantia.  Due to time constraints coupled with living in
an area with much less boffer activity, I deffered to the experience of
nothern parents.  However, I have made a number of observations over the
years and still have a few concerns.

Body - I dislike the use of winter coats.  Specifically on a touch kill
	fight.  With the heavey coat, the kids tend to not even know they
	have been touched and this leads to harder hitting and more "whipping"
	I do agree with long sleeves/pants/skirts though and the use of
	gloves for hand protection.  I also believe that the kids should
	wear SOMETHING, a tabard for example, to better match their parents
	in "putting on armor"

Head - While the use of the pool floaties foam may be reducing the amount
	of "whipping" I still see way too many children crying from a slap
	across the cheek.  Head shots may not be aloowed but they happen
	anyhow, kids do not have the control that adults have.  Bike helmets
	and goggles  may seem the best balance of economic, available, and safe
	but I've also considered the following:
	Fencing Masks - ever try to find a kid's one let alone afford it?
			excelent protection but not econimic or available.
	Hockey helmets - less expensive than fencing masks, still covers the
			ear and cheek but bulky and ugly and some of the
			young ladies would rather just not fight.
	Little Legue helmets - This was my favorite for a long time.  They
		aren't as bulky as hockey helmets, don't cost any more than
		bike helmets (though they are seasonal in availablity) and
		still protect the ears, face, and teeth of the child.
	Making helmets - plastic great helms have been suggested and now 
		there is the reference to leather and carpet helms.  I
		don't have any information on making any of these (and no
		kids of my own to try them on) but I'ld be interested in more
		information - especially if they protect the face as well
		as the head.

Running a tourney - I would like to see more people watching the children
	and teaching the children.  There has been a great increase in the
	past year and I hope the trend continues!  As to the running, I've
	always wanted to see more involvement from the children in the
	execution of the tourney - have the children herald the tourney
	and assist a MOL and some of the older ones can even begin to learn
	to marshal the younger ones.  Is this happening already?  I've
	seen it occationally in the past.


Lady Quenthryth of Laure	
Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia	
Susan Lauber
Product Education Leader, IBM

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