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Re: Name Pronunciation

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> [...] A knight at emerald gave me the pronounciation of
> Myrddin as if double d had a th sound to it.  I have always
> pronounced it as you would read it in straight English
> with d's sounding like d's, and the herald who helped me pick a name
> did, too. [...]

I used to live near a barony called Rhydderich Hael, and everybody
pronounced it as if it were RID-ur-ik HALE.  I once asked the
herald there if the "dd" shouldn't sound like the "th" in "this",
and he said that, technically that was true.  (I think there were
some other differences in the correct pronunciation, too).  Then
he went on to say that Rhydderich Hael was actually the name of
a Welsh hero, and it was against the rules to use a person's name
as an SCA place-name.  Then he shrugged and walk away.

Anyway, I suggest you look at the webpage 'Concerning the Name 
"Myrddin"' at http://www.abdn.ac.uk/~his016/problem_name_myrddin.html

-- Alfredo

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