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Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Thomas von Leipzig wrote:
>Somone had said that the 3/4" pvc pipe CANNOT extend INTO the hollow foam
>more than 4" is this correct?

I said that the pipe cannot extend more than 4" into the foam *in the West
Kingdom*. Lord Robin Christoph Griffaud, here in Caer Mear, has more experience
with boffers in Atlantia than I do (he should, he and his wife have 5 kids!)
and has run boffer tourneys.  He posted to the list in response to my
earlier post with a lot of information on the conventions that are
developing here in Atlantia.

>I was just sparring with some kid at a recent event and he wacked the
>p-mortal stuffings outta me... i think the pipe went the legnth of the
>foam.... i fight rapier and knew little of the stick jock techniques...

That's why pipe cannot extend more than 4" into the foam in the WEST.  Nor
in An Tir.  In An Tir they call what that young person was using a '
whalebone' and it is as regulated as boffers for an older age group.

If you were playing by 'touch' you would not have gotten hurt.  <grin>  But, as
I said, Atlantia has no standards yet, though they are apparently in

I strongly encourage *not allowing* the pipe to extend more than 4" into the
sword for boffer standards in Atlantia as well.  If Atlantia wants to develop
our equivalent of 'whalebone', I can get whomever is interested a copy of
the An Tir Whalebone and Boffer rules.  The West rules might be on the web
by now, too.


        - Anarra
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