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Many Questions

Poster: teege1@juno.com (Thomas J Kirchner)

Hello everyone!!

A few questions that if anyone could answer, I'd be very thankful

1. Anyone have a contact # or e-mail for "Popinjay's" in the east

2.  Where are the rules for kid/adult boffer tourneys?

3.  What's the best mundane supplier for boffer supplies?

4.  Do we (atlantia) ever have a rapier bout similar to the famed "le
poulet gauche"?

5.  Any one have the contact # etc. for a leather supplier near Annapolis
or a large mail-order house.

6.  Why is my nose so cold, why am i still awake and what else did I want
to ask?

7. Anyone catch the neat program on Knights etc. on the History channel?

8. OH YEAH... anybody got a supplier for black-smithing? 

thanks very much....

In chivalrous service to Atlantia,
Thomas von Leipzig
Thomas Kirchner
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