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Re: Lama haters unite

Poster: karen@georesearch.com (Karen Green)

Lady G wrote:

> > It might help to remember that the correct pronunciation of llama is
> > actually yama, the rule for 2 ll's together in Spanish.  Just like the real
> > pronunciation of Estrella is Es-tra-ya.

Then Kendrick wrote:

> That's close, but not exactly right.  The spanish ll more acurately
> should sound like a cross between an "l" and a "y".

Lady G:  The ENGLISH pronounciation for "llama" is correctly "LAH-mah." 
Other languages is other languages.  If we pronounced everything the way
it was pronounced in the language what gave us each word, we wouldn't
understand much, n'est-ce pas?  ;)

Kendrick:  Again, depends.  I tend to pronounce the "ll" sound as a
softer "jzh" than the "y" sound.  But then and again, there are lots of
accents within the Spanish language, so YMMV.

Karen Larsdatter
an exiled Caidan and a B.A. in Spanish, SO THERE!!! ;)
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