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Re: Name Prenounciation ?

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Dafydd wrote:
>Dafydd Welsh-knight greets Cheapside!
>Corun writes much that is correct about Welsh, and one thing which is a
>little inaccurate:
>> The accent in Welsh names is usually always on the first syllable (I say
>> usually, but I can't really think of an instance where it's not). Thus we
>> have MIR-hthin, DAV-yth, COR-un (which is also Welsh but has no double d's
>> or l's), HLLEW-elyn (note, this last is *not* pronounced hllew-EL-yn).

[some snippage]

>For two-syllable names, of course, accent on the second-last syllable is
>the same as the first syllable.  But Llewelyn is accented hlleh-oo-EL-ehn,
>and Angharad is accented ang-HAR-ad, not ANG-har-ad.

Oops. That'll teach me to be adamant about my scant knowledge. Thank you,
Your Excellency, for the correction. Must have been all those head shots I
took from Targ last night at fight practice. Yeah, that's it.

In service,

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