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AlisounA@aol.com: Re: BOFFERRRRRRrrrrrs

Poster: teege1@juno.com (Thomas J Kirchner)

> I was just sparring with some kid at a recent event and he wacked the
> p-mortal stuffings outta me... i think the pipe went the length of the
> foam.... i fight rapier and knew little of the stick jock techniques...
> ouch.

As I (and those who know him) suspected, the "kid" is indeed mine, so I
to explain a few things about this situation -- and its background. My
Lord Emrys,  is 14; he has been winning boffer tourneys -- against both
and adults -- at local, kingdom, and Inter-kingdom levels for  5 years.
At the event in question, Lord Thomas (I'm not a Lord, yet...) challenged
Emrys. Thomas used Emrys's
boffer claymore, while Emrys used a boffer sword 9-10 inches shorter.
examined the swords and apparently tried to fence using the claymore. It
neither the responsibility of my son nor of his weapons if  Lord Thomas
quickly disarmed and "killed" -- you don't play with an unknown opponent
without discussing rules in advance, unless you are willing to accept the
 If Thomas chose not to play with PVC-stiffened, padded weapons,
he was free to choose the plain foam "noodles," which were lying in plain
view and offered as an alternative. 

Emrys is not amused by the controversy sparked by this incident and has
resolved to require adults to sign waivers before accepting future

                                   Yours, in service,
                                   Alysoun Ashling

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! HoLD! Before this gets out of hand!!! NO
CONTROVERSY! He beat me fair and square!  Perhapse this whole thing could
be explained if i could simply tell everyone this.... I had never
experienced boffer combat.. i wanted to.. I did.. i died, so what?  My
slight attempt at a humorus tribute to this future heavy fighter's skill
apparently misconstruded... I have also been interested in making and
selling these weapons, as i have not seen them being sold at local events
yet... I have NO quarrell with your son and saw nothing wrong with his
nor my conduct!  I really dont know how to fight with something
approximating a " broad sword" (as compared to rapier) It was all in
fun.. i certianly had a good time, as i hope my opponet did!  So PLEASE
PLEASE, do not consider any of this controversy... i just have gotten my
taste of foam and wanted to LEARN more!

In hopes of stopping a misunderstanding before it even starts,
Thomas von Leipzig.

In chivalrous service to Atlantia,
Thomas von Leipzig
Thomas Kirchner
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